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  you can enjoy our new top 10 the hottest celebrity lesbians our facebook page httpswww.   how could a list about hot lesbian love scenes be complete without the inclusion of this movie? Sure, the most famous scene runs a little long (to the tune of about 10 minutes), and reviews were mixed about its authenticity, in addition to the real problems we have with the exploitive nature of the director. But overall, the actresses had great chemistry, and the scenes are believable (and hot).   some scenes are surprising solely for the graphic nature of the scene, but more often than not, your favorite celeb sweetheart has at least one not-so-kid-friendly moment in his or her arsenal. Here are some of the top 10 greatest lesbian-themed movies of all time.   to refresh your memory, lalatai has decided to re-watch our favorite lesbian films and rank the 8 hottest bed scenes between girls in film history. Kiss me (2011) a loving and touching swedish film featuring plenty of hot sex scenes. There are few things in life better than watching two famous actresses go at it on screen. In a scholarly effort to document all of these occurrences, weve compiled a list of the 30 greatest lesbian scenes of all time. Looking for celebrity lesbian scenes, or maybe the best lesbian kiss form the greatest celebrity lesbian movies? Well the best lesbian kissing can be found in these celeb lesbian scenes and other moments of hot girl-on-girl action! For example that hot sandra bullock lesbian and scarlett johansson lesbian. With all the lesbian talk last week, gillian anderson saying shes had affairs with women, meghan mccain denying that shes into girls, we thought wed have a look at some of the sexiest celebrity women whove gone over to the other side. And though some of these women claim to not be lesbians, they all admit to having dalliances with women, which last time i checked was kind of the opposite. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube. The romance between luisita and amelia, played respectively by paula usero and carol rovira, was the main focus of the seventh season of amar es para siempre.

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