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Prologue i am a 34 year old lesbian rn who works in a clinic in nevada. I am very guarded about my lesbianism so as not to alarm anyone in this homophobic world in which we live.   enlarged prostate rectal discomfort - what is the link between enlarged prostate and rectal discomfort. The only doctors office rectal temp experience i had was when i was 13 years old. My mom(a nurse) was trying to break me of my anal insertion fetish, and she called my doctors office and requested he take my temp rectally so i knew what it really felt like to have my temp taken rectally.   when i was in treatment it was easier for the nurse to take my temperature under the arm or in the ear, so those the only other ways i have had it done that i remember. I think they were right whoever said that newborns have rectal temps because it is more accurate that way. Feb 21, 2015 - nurse takes her temperature - looks like nurse ashley is going to demonstrate how to take temperature (oral, axillary, rectal, vaginal).

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