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  figuring out if youre a lesbian can be a long and difficult journey, but a good place to start is by considering whether you experience romantic attraction or sexual arousal toward women. For example, if you check women out, daydream about a particular woman, or feel your heart race whenever you see an attractive woman, then you may be a lesbian. Its over now and so you dont know if it was a one-off thing or if youre a lesbian for real. Youve probably kissed men before, but with a woman, it felt completely different. This doesnt mean that youre a lesbian, but you could be bisexual. If youre sexually aroused when kissing a woman, youre not straight.   if youve clicked on this article, its likely youre either wondering (or have wondered before) am i a lesbian?please know that coming out is a totally different process for everyone - and some.   when you imagine your future, youre not sure if you see yourself with a man or with a woman. You would be just as happy if you end up with a husband as you would be if you end up with a wife or a non-binary spouse. At the end of the day, you just want to be in a happy relationship with someone you love. The important thing is to be quite honest with yourself and everyone else. Some people wont like this, but you dont need to worry about them. Fwiw, i came out in my teens, and then spent years dating men and married to a man. They say, you dont look like a lesbian you are too pretty to be a lesbian it must be a phase, and straight girls have asked her out to experiment, which she finds extremely infuriating. If you are just fed-up with guys who havent treated you with care, moving your stuff into your lesbian friends house and snuggling side by side does not make you a lesbian. Wait it out, if youre a hetero gal, that desire for boys will return in no time.   if you have had romantic experiences or fantasies involving people who are the same gender as you, then there is a good chance you are gay or bisexual, but its okay if youre a little confused. Plus, just because you feel you might dig chicks it doesnt mean youre a full-blown lesbian who needs to go and pick up their gay card from the nearest diy shop. If youre into women, thats all it means, that youre into women.

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