2017 WNC Yarn Crawl

May 11-14, 2017

Yarn Crawl Hours
thursday 9-8
Friday 9-7
Saturday 9-7
Sun 1-6

See the countdown at the WNC Yarn Crawl site or keep track of all the fun and prizes at the official Facebook page!

Yay! Yarn Crawl 2017 day 1 at Kniticality was a great day! It's so nice to see old friends and I was honored to meet so many new ones!
Today’s Prize Winners are:
Faye S. 1740274 Antler Toque Kit and DPN set
Inglis S. 1740277 Adult Ribbed Hat Kit and DPN set
Roberta P. 1740271 Reyna Shawl kit
Celeste B. 1740273 Seventh Hat Kit
Jinny J. 1740270 Purl Mitts Kit
Brooke B. 1740272 Fluff Hat Kit
Jan B. 1740278 Chunky Triangle Rib Hat Kit
Emma C. 1740281 Cotton Towel Kit

See you tomorrow!

5/12/2017. Today was great, today is done, tomorrow is another one…

Wishing you the euphoric exhaustion that only comes from extreme exposure to color, texture, and creative fibery ideas of every sort! Thanks so much for visiting Kniticality today. Congratulations to today’s winners from Kniticality’s Tower of Prizes for day 2 of the WNC Yarn crawl:

1740285 Aubrey L. Trista Kit
1740297 Laurie A. Chunky Triangle Rib Hat kit
1740301 Diane R. Pattern Pak
1740295 Debbie A. Baby & Child Beanie Kit
1740296 Diane V. Ombre Swirls Hat Kit
1740279 Brooke B. Vanilla Sock Kit
1740302 Laura C. Light & Up kit
1740288 Martha T. French bead Knitter Kit
1740293 Barbara W. Chunky Triangle Rib Hat Kit
1740294 Susan C. Spring Snowflake Cardi kit
1740304 Devra N. Baby & Child Hat Kit
1740290 Lynne G. Mammoth Mill Scarf Kit
1740305 Benita W. Trendz Starter Needle set

5/13/2017. Yarn Crawl Day 3 at Kniticality! Yay, we saw some sun today and lots of many great folks! Thanks so much for coming in. Lots of yarn hugging going on out there…
Here are the winners from Kniticality’s prize drawing today (the Tower of Prizes has one final tier left for tomorrow!)
1740299 Dianne C. Simple Yet Effective Cowl Kit
1740249 Laurie A. Baby & Child Beanie Kit
1740336 Monica S. Fluff Hat Kit
1740331 Marielena P. Blue Sky Fibers Celery Slouch Hat Kit
1740346 Faye S. Pattern Pak
1740340 Allen C. Mammoth Mill Scarf Kit
1740244 Monica W. Adult Ribbed Hat and Needles kit
1740228 Aubrey L. Purl Mitts Kit
1740333 David C. Mammoth Mill Scarf Kit
1740328 Peggy P. Baby & Child Beanie Kit
1740230 Diana M. Reyna Shawl Kit
1740255 Ella E. Pattern Pak
1740330 Dennis A. Uluru Kit

It was a beautiful day! So lovely to see you! Thanks to everybody for making the 2017 WNC yarn crawl so special for us at Kniticality…we hope you had a great time too!
Here are Kniticality’s prize winners for today: 
1740307 Karen K. Happy Magic Scarf Kit
1740310 Pam Covington Purl Mitts Kit
1740332 Amanda B. Adult Ribbed Hat & Needles Kit
1740303 Kathleen W. Mammoth Mill Scarf Kit
1740322 Cindy H. Simple Yet Effective Scarf Kit
1740311 Emerald P. Baby & Child Beanie Kit
1740226 Lynette E. Appia Cowl Kit
1740326 Chunky Monkey Cowl Kit
We will announce grand prize winners tomorrow morning!