New to Lace Knitting: Bear Creek Scarf

Bear Creek Scarf
Bear Creek Scarf

New to Lace Knitting: Bear Creek Scarf

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Photo copyright Amy Johnson.

Learn to read charts and navigate a lace panel. This wavy lace pattern looks great in any yarn weight. For class, please select a single-color smooth yarn, not black, navy or dark grey, please no fuzzy or novelty yarns. We have inexpensive kits in stock.

Level: Adventurous Beginner +

200-375 yards Fingering, DK or Worsted yarn. Kits in DK weight yarn to make the model as shown are available at the shop for $14.95. Several colors from which to choose.
US size 4 or 5 needles for fingering, US size 5 or 6 needles for DK, or US size 7 or 8 needles for worsted. More yards of yarn makes a longer, wider scarf. Straight or circular needles work fine, the choice is yours.
Several stitch markers, a notebook and pencil are also suggested.

Thursday Aug 10, 1p-4p (ish)

Cost: $69 + materials. Pattern included. Please purchase your yarn here at Kniticality. We appreciate it very much.

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